This menu lists in alphabetical order the pages containing original texts of the chapters of the Byzantine recension of the Physiologus. Each page starts with a short presentation of the respective beast or bird. It is followed by pairs of nests for the particular translation in which the relevant text is to be found: First, Second, Third translation and Mixed chapters (the last containing texts compiled from the Second and the Third translation). Clicking on the +sign opens the text windows. Simultaneously opening two or more windows makes it possible to collate the texts of different translations.
Windows entitled Collation of copies present in parallel all the copies of the text of the relevant translation. The last row of these windows contains short comments on the texts. It has also been supplied with numbers which enable pointing at (or citing of) any segment of the text (e.g.: съ травꙋ: Aspide/Second translation, (copy) Г: 153).
Nests entitled Texts of the copies contain the full text of the copies.
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Medieval South Slavic Physiologus. Animals: beasts and birds, collation of copies, texts. Medieval Literature
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