The chapters of the Pseudo-Basilian recension of the Physiologus are presented in two tables: the first lists the chapters found in its Slavic translation in alphabetical order. Clicking on a name from the table opens in the lower part of the page two windows. The first one, called Collation of copies, contains the text of the respective chapter as a single row. It has been supplied with numbers which enable pointing at (or citing of) any segment of the text (e.g.: птищь - Caladrius/Ps.-Bas. recension: 18). The corresponding Greek texts will be published here in the future. The second window, called Full text, present the respective chapter in its complete form.

In the second table Structure of the chapters in А, the chapters are presented with their original titles in the consequence followed in the Physiologus. Boxes on the right illustrate the number and the nature of the parts composing each chapter, which can belong to different recensions.

The Pseudo-Basilian recension of the Physiologus is its third, most recent Greek recension (after the Alexandrian and the Byzantine recensions). F. Sbordone assigned it to the 10th or the 11th century (Sbordone 1936: xii), but B. Perry set it in the 12th century (Perry 1937: 494-495; Perry 1941: 1114). It is so named because of the explanation in each chapter ascribed to St. Basil the Great. Its copies are not numerous and its text versions are neither as many nor as varied as are

copies of the Byzantine recension. According to Sbordone, they form two manuscript traditions: an Athonite and an Italic one. A, the only extant Slavic (Serbian) copy of the Pseudo-Basilian recension, belongs to the Athonite group of copies. A comparison between the Slavic copy A and the preserved Greek copies led to the conclusion that, in terms of its editorial and textological peculiarities, A is most similar to the group of copies denoted by Sbordone as χδΛ (see Стойкова 1994: 93-94).

Typical of the Greek copies of the Pseudo-Basilian recension is their heterogeneity. Thus in the copies of group χδΛ, chapters from the Alexandrian and the Byzantine recensions are added to texts of the Pseudo-Basilian recension, as well as to four stories by Timotheus of Gaza. That is why chapters about the same animals belonging to different recensions are scattered in different places of the copies. The chapters of each recension form groups whithin which the sequence typical of the respective recension is preserved. It seems as if these chapters were extracted from different sources and were gathered together in a single text without any editorial intervention. The compiler of the text preserved in the Slavic translation had a completely different approach. He reorganized chapters so that all texts about the same animals were gathered in one place. •

About the copy
Library of the St. Panteleimon monastery (Mount Athos), (LMP Panteleimon 22), 15th century, f. 283r-311v.
This is the only extant Slavic (Serbian) copy of the Pseudo-Basilian recension of the Physiologus. It contains forty-three chapters. Like the Greek copies of this recension (see Sbordone 1936: cvi-cxv), A contains chapters from the two earlier recensions: the Alexandrian and the Byzantine. In copy A, the chapters of the two recensions are not ordered consecutively but have been blended together combining texts about the same animal. The order of the chapters follows the order of the Alexandrian recension; every chapter begins with a text from it, then the respective texts of the Byzantine or the Pseudo-Basilian recension are added. In that way chapters about each animal were formed and enlarged with material from several sources. The components of every chapter represent a diverse textological picture (Стойкова 1994: 94-96; see here the table Structure of the chapters in A). The fourty three chapters of the copy contain twenty four accounts of the Pseudo-Basilian recension, thirty-five accounts of the Alexandrian recension (in a translation different from the Old Bulgarian one preserved in late Russian copies and studied by Karneev - see Карнеев 1890; Физиолог 1996; Физиолог 1997) and six accounts of the Byzantine recension; four accounts were combined from two different recensions (on the Greek parallel texts to the chapters of both earlier recensions see Стойкова 1994: 96). The second account about the wolf ends with the explanation from the chapter about the beaver of the Pseudo-Basilian recension. It is due to a characteristic omission in the text made already in the Greek group of copies χδΛ (see Стойкова 1994: 94, 95-96), what is the reason for the missing of the chapters about the panther and the stag, and the first half of the chapter about the beaver of the same recension. The Slavic translator has assigned some chapters to another animals; thus the chapter about the bear, published in A, is in the Greek tradition concerned with the hyena, and the chapter about the stork - with the pelican.
The order of the chapters in this edition presented in the table Structure of the chapters in А, follows their consequence in the original text. It differs from their consequence in the copy because folia of the manuscript have been disordered during its binding. The resulting misunderstandings in the meaning of the text are not reflected in the edition of 1893 and in previous studies but are removed here and the original text and the sequence of chapters have been restored.
The copy has long been known among scholars as it was published by A. Aleksandrov in 1893 (Александров 1893). It has been studied by S. Gechev (Гечев 1938: 33-53) and A. Stoykova (Стойкова 1994: 91-97). •
Structure of the chapters in А
Affiliation of chapter pieces to particular recensions:
  - piece of Alexandrian (basic) recension
  - piece of Pseudo-Basilian recension
  - piece of Byzantine recension
   - piece with texts of different chapters / recensions
Chapter in APieces
1.Прьвое ѡ львѣ     
2.Ѡ харадрїи слово 
3.О саврѣ сл̃нчьнѣи повѣсть 
4.О стрьцѣ слѡво  
5.О нощнѣмь вранѣ 
6.О ѡнагрѡⷯ  
7.О єхиднѣ  
8.О ꙁмїи слѡво
9.О ипокѥнтаврѡхь и сирїнѣхь 
10.О ѥжи повѣсть   
11.О панѳїре слѡво   
12.Ѡ ѥребици  
13.О лисици скаꙁанїе  
14.Ѡ китѣ аспедохелѡни  
15.Ѡ аспидѣ дрѹгоє 
16.О птищи великааго гү̈п‘па  
17.О мравольвѣ 
18.Ѡ мравїахь   
19.Ѡ невесткаⷯ слѡво 
20.О инорѡꙁѣ слѡⷡ͡
21.О вльцѣ слѡво 
22.Ѡ иноцѣ дивиѥмь слѡво 
23.О кастори слѡво 
24.Ѡ медвѣдѣ слѡво 
25.О енидри и о коркодїлѣ  
26.О хнемѡнѣ и о ꙁьмеи 
27.О гавранѣ, и о вранѡⷯ 
28.О грьлици  
29.О жабѣ воднѣи и ѡ сѹсѣи
30.О ѥлѣни и ѡ ꙁмїи  
31.Ѡ саламан‘дрѣ 
32.О адамантѣ 
33.О ластовици слѡво 
34.О дѹбѣ перидеѯїи 
35.О голѹбѡⷯ   
36.О дрⷪпсѣ 
37.О камени иꙁимающимь ѡгнь 
38.О гадѣ морсцѣмь трьꙁѹбѣ 
39.О стрѹкокамилѣ 
40.О ꙁаѥци 
41.О дѣтлѣ 
42.О ѡрлѣ 
43.Ѡ слонѣ
Collation of copies
Full text
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The Pseud-Basilian recension of the Byzantine Physiologus. Structure and content. Medieval Literature
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