The copies containing chapters compiled from the Second and the Third translation of the Byzantine Physiologus are presented here. They are ordered alphabetically, marked by a siglum and a brief name. They may be opened by clicking on the + sign. In each copy's section there is a rubric About the copy listing information about its location, content and main features, about research pertaining to it and editions of its text. There are tables in each section: the first presents the available chapters in alphabetical order; the other tables show additional information relevant for the copy.

Besides the chapters that can be attributed exclusively to the First translation,   Second translation   or   Third translation   (corresponding to   one   of   the   three

versions of the Byzantine recension translated from the Greek), there are chapters in copies З and Н where the text was compiled from the Second and the Third translations. There are four chapters in З and one in Н in which the mixing of whole fragments or of separate phrases may be traced clearly. Similar isolated borrowings from one of the translations into the text of another may also be found in some other chapters. Compilation, a typical method of medieval literary work, was facilitated here by the open tradition of the Physiologus, which allowed scribes to intervene freely in the text. •

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Mixed chapters in the Byzantine Physiologus. Structure and content. Medieval Literature
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