Copies: Sigla and chapters

Sigla of copies

This table aims to provide a quick overview of the copies of the Physiologus used in the edition. It contains an alphabetical list of their short character abbreviations (sigla); their short names are shown in the righthand column of the table. The names are hyperlinks and clicking them opens a page with the description of the relevant manuscript.
The sigla are widely used throughout the site as a brief notation for referring to the copies.
1O Oxon. Baroccianus Gr. 95
2Š NM Prague ІХ. Н. 16 (Š 19)
3W NL Vienna 149
4А LMP Panteleimon 22
5Б NLS Belgrade 38
6Бел NLCM Sofia 309
7В UL Vienna І 26054
8Г MSOC Belgrade (Grujić collection) 100
9Д CSBS Sofia 17
10Е BAS Sofia 86
11З HAZU Zagreb ІІІ.а.20
12К RA Cluj-Napoca 25
13М RSAAA Moscow (Mazurin collection) 1700
14Н Nikoljac monastery (Montenegro) 52
15П NLCM Sofia 433
16Р RA Bucharest 310
17С NLCM Sofia 1078
18Т NLCM Sofia 677
19Х KB Copenhagen 553с
20Хил LMH Hilandar 382
21Хл SHM Chludov 237
22Ц CHAI Sofia 1161
23Цар SHM Tsarskii 371

Copies contained in translations

This table shows visually which copies belong to which of the translations.
First translation 1 O-К-М-Цар
Second translation 2 W-Š-Бел-В-Г-Д-Е-З-К-Н-П-С-Х
Third translation 3 Б-В-З-Н-Т-Ц
Mixed chapters 2-3 З-Н

Affiliation of chapters to copies and translations

This table contains the following information about the copies, whose sigla are ordered alphabetically in the first column: to which translation the chapters included in it belong (1, 2, 3 or 2-3); how many chapters it contains (Number column); exactly which animal chapters it contains - when a chapter is present in a particular copy, the cell of the table where the copy row and the chapter column intersect is filled by a small dark square.
Clicking on the arrow to the right of the siglum and translation opens the page from the Copies menu on which detailed information about the translation, the copy, its content and structure is shown.
Clicking on a siglum colours the row in the table in which the contents of the copy are indicated.
Clicking on the arrow under the name of an animal opens the page from the Birds and Beasts menu on which the collated versions and full texts of chapters about that animal are given.
Clicking on the name of an animal colours the column in the table which shows the copies that the chapter appears in.
Clicking on a cell in the table colours the row and column in which it appears, making it easy to see which chapters appear in any given copy and which copies include any given chapter.
1O1     » 13
2W2     » 26
3Š2     » 21
4Б3     » 24
5Бел2     » 11
6В2     » 1
7В3     » 19
8Г2     » 26
9Д2     » 12
10Е2     » 14
11З2     » 12
12З3     » 13
13З2-3 » 4
14К1     » 9
15К2     » 16
16М1     » 11
17Н2     » 21
18Н3     » 4
19Н2-3 » 1
20П2     » 19
21С2     » 19
22Т3     » 21
23Х2     » 22
24Ц3     » 20
25Цар1     » 20