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The copyright of the whole content of this site belongs to Ana Stoykova © 1994, 2009-2012 with the exception of copyright of manuscript miniatures photographs belonging to other entities, explicitly shown where appropriate, or belonging to the public domain.

Texts and other parts of this site may be copied only for non-commercial, research or educational use provided that the site name and the author are explicitly shown. The items used cannot cover the whole site or any substantial parts of it. These requirements follow Section 24(1), item 3 of the applicable Bulgarian Copyright act (1993).

Use of photographs of miniatures from the site is subject to permission of the entities the respective copyright belongs to. Usually, these are the libraries where the manuscripts with the miniatures are kept.

If you link to this site, please send an email to email. This will allow us to inform you if the site address changes.

© Ana Stoykova 1994, 2009-2012
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